We also offer various other products including:

  • Undertrays
  • Tail Tidies 
  • Lever Guards
  • Radiator Cheeks
  • Paddock Bobbins
  • Tyre Warmers
  • Racing Foam Seats
  • Indicators
  • Rear Sets
  • Foot Pegs
  • Oil Plugs
  • Rim Tape
  • Tax Disc Holders
  • Rim Strips
  • Engine Guards
  • Frame Covers
  • Seat cowl pads
  • Cargo Nets
  • Universal Mirrors
  • Bar End Mirrors
  • Passenger Grab Handles
  • Bash Plates
  • Lap Timers
  • Clip On Bars
  • Tyre Warmers
  • Chain Adjusters
  • Fairing Bolts
  • Steering Dampers
  • and more

Please note that we do not stock all items at all times for all bikes. Although we might stock some products we recommend contacting us to confirm pricing and availability.

Prices stated to be used as reference/guide only.
Prices may change without notice. 

Cargo nets R79 ea
Paddock Bobbins from R199 per set
Mirrors from R199 per set
Bar ends mirrors from R449 per set
Clip on bars R1250 (41 / 50 / 51 / 53 / 55mm)
Racing foam seats R599
Pro chain adjusters with bobbins R1900
Fairing bolt kit R800
Rim tape/strips from R299

Please contact for pricing on 
Tail tidies, undertrays, engine covers, bash plates, foot pegs & other items
Prices ranges from bike to bike